taylor + luke
Sorelle The Meadow at Deer Creek  - Thomas, OK

"OH MY GOSH JESSIE! I just watched the video and it is SO GOOD! 
Im crying in the club and smiling ear to ear all at the same time. 
We love it. Thank you so much!"
ashley + malori
TreBella - Mesa, AZ

"Words cannot describe how lucky we are to have had you capture 
our love on that day. Every moment was so special and reliving it is so beautiful."
jaiden + fletcher
Garden of the Gods - Colorado Springs, CO

"Seriously could not have asked for a perfect day or a more perfect duo 
of my photographer and videographer! My video made me cry and it was amazing!!"
kasidi + blakely
Aspen Ranch, - Edmond, OK

"The video is amazing and we love it! Thank you so much again, 
you absolutely captured the day perfectly."
Morgan + shane
Little White Chapel - Las Vegas, NV

"I am shook. I haven't stopped watching. You are so amazing and you gave me 
the most special gift of this video and I'm going to cherish it forever and ever 
and ever. You are so damn talented."
Paige + ethan
Esperanza Ranch

"Thanks to you, I get to relive this day over and over. Thank 
you so much for being you and filming our wedding."
brea + brody
The Springs in Edmond

"OMG we are smiling so big! You seriously got a piece of everything! 
I am going to watch it non-stop all night. We are so thankful you 
filmed our wedding:
keanni + carley
The Springs in Edmond

"Making me cry all over again! I appreciate your time and 
effort so much. I am so happy that you were a part of our day. 
We love the video so much!!" 
Ashleigh + Dakota
Festivities Event Center

"We love our video! Everyt time we watch it we both cry!
These are memories we will cherish forever. Thanks so much"
Izzy + Cooper 
Esperanza Ranch

"Oh my goodness. This is better than I ever could have imagined. 
Thank you so much for all of your hard work. You were so much fun
to work with"
John + cameron 
Sorelle  - Meadow on Deer Creek

"This is PERFECT! I could watch 100x. You are so talented. Love you so 
much for capturing every detail so perfectly."
bayli + will
Coles Garden

"You are insanely talented!! I'm so thankful that you spent your birthday 
celebrating us and capturing life long memories!! Seriously incredible and crying all over again. 
We can't thank you enough!! "
Christa + cecil
The Waterford

"Why am I crying in the club right now? So cute. I am obsessed."
amber + tanner
Broken Bow, Oklahoma 

"I LOVE IT. OMG. It is perfect. I cannot wait to share"
Alli + Brandon
The  Palace Event Center 

"We LOVE it so very much! You are amazing at what you do.
Thank you for being awesome and capturing our special day so well."
Kayla + Cameron
The Barn at the Woods

"It's perfect!! I love it."
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