I'm Jessie
and you're watching Disney Channel - just kidding! I hope you're here to watch & see what JRay Productions is all about and learn a little bit more about the face behind the ol’ camera!
I started JRay Productions because I love documenting stories and I love LOVE! I mean, what’s better than documenting a love story? Literally nothing. That is my goal, to capture your story, all the moments, all the feels, and all of the little things to create a unique one-of-a-kind film that documents your love so you can cherish it forever. 
When I’m not filming love stories, I love capturing families, setting up senior sessions, and third-wheeling with couples to experience some more love. Oh, I also thoroughly enjoy going on adventures, snuggling up with my wife and dogs to binge watch Netflix, and keeping up with all things sports, especially the Oklahoma City Thunder and OU Football!
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What’s your favorite thing about
 photography + videography? 
The people. Their lives. The love. The families. The laughs. The tears. The goosebumps. The relationships. The once in a lifetime moments that I get to bring to life through my camera. 

How did you get into 
photography + videography? 
From the beginning of my life, I have always been soooo interested in commercials and how they were filmed and produced - I love the music, the details, and how it is all pieced together (Producing Commercials is kind of my dream job). Flash forward to college and one of my good friends had just started up her photography business, and I was always so interested in what she was doing and how she was getting to capture peoples lives. I thought “I want to do that but through videos” - so I saved up all my money and bought my first camera. Since then I have been capturing all the moments, all the memories, and making commercials about love. 
What’s one piece of advice that you 
would give a couple on their wedding day? 
It is a crazy day, filled with emotions, people, decorations, and many other things. Try and enjoy every little moment and remember that if a groomsmen forgets his shoes, if the flower girl won’t throw any flowers, or you forget your veil, that it will be a memory that you can forever laugh about. At the end of the day, what matters most is that you’re marrying the love of your life. 
One other small piece of advice; make sure you have someone lined up to cut the cake after you smash it in each other's face! Guests like to get that cake pronto.

What’s one piece of advice you would 
give to people during their sessions?
Be yourself. Pictures aren’t meant to make you look like someone you’re not, they are meant to document your authentic life. Let loose and show off the real you in front of the camera! Let me know if you are a little nervous, and we can always try some prompts and poses to help make you feel more relaxed!  
How do I book JRay Productions?
Head over to our Contact Page to fill out a short questionnaire to let us know a 
little bit about what services you are looking for.
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